Invitation: Applications for CBO Capacity Building Program 

The St. Lucia National Conservation Fund (SLUNCF) is inviting community-based organizations (CBO) in Saint Lucia who are interested in participating in the Inter-American Foundation (IAF) capacity building program to submit applications.


The training and small grants program targeting CBOs is broadly aimed at assisting the sector to identify and harness latent community assets in devising solutions for enhanced livelihoods, climate action and environmental conservation.

The main Objectives of the program are to: (i) Develop and deliver a training program to enhance the capacity of 20 CBOs to be better able to manage their organizations; (ii) Give small grants to 10 CBOs who have participated in the training to conceptualize and undertake a project which is community-led and nature-based, and (iii) Provide mentoring and technical assistance in support of the CBOs in developing their small grant projects.

We are seeking CBOs who are prepared to commit to successfully complete the five-month/72-hour course in CBO project management, following which a small grant in the sum of approximately US$10,000 will be provided to undertake a community-based project.  

Applications will be judged on the following criteria: (i) ability to identify a community asset for a viable small grants project, (ii) have access to a suitable venue for E-learning [Wi-Fi connectivity], (iii) able and willing to make non-cash/in-kind contributions to the project, (iv) commitment to participating and completing the course, (v) provide a letter of recommendation from a reputable community leader. 

Download, complete and submit the form below to the: Project Coordinator, E-mail:, to reach him before December 31, 2021 (with any supporting documents + mandatory signed Letter of Recommendation).

Downloadable Documents