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SLHTA and SLUNCF Partnership to Enhance Marine Health in Saint Lucia
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Under the auspices of the Saint Lucia National Conservation Fund, the creation of a Marine Health Alliance aims to forge strong ties with the tourism industry to bolster marine conservation, protect threatened biodiversity, and promote healthy ocean ecosystems and reefs. This alliance symbolizes a strategic collaboration aimed at sustainable marine health investment on the island.


The Marine Health Alliance, described as a 'catalyst for change' for ocean stewardship in Saint Lucia, focuses on a dynamic approach combining top-down interventions with grassroots project delivery. This initiative is supported by the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF), the philanthropic arm of the SLHTA, which periodically issues Calls for Proposals (CFPs) to empower local communities, youth groups, and public and private sector initiatives in enhancing national marine conservation efforts.

The SLHTA, TEF, and SLUNCF are committed to engaging with local stakeholders and visitors, informing them about the Marine Health Alliance, and providing opportunities for support through voluntary contributions, annual memberships, or corporate sponsorships.

Mrs. Karolin Troubetzkoy, Chairperson of the SLUNCF, emphasizes the significance of this collaboration with the Hospitality and Tourism Industry for the benefit of our marine environment. "The Caribbean is among the world's most biologically diverse marine regions, yet it faces critical challenges such as coral reef degradation and the broader impacts of climate change. Through the Marine Health Alliance, we aim to attract funding from various user groups and stakeholders, both local and international. We encourage our visitors to enjoy and help protect our marine world, ensuring its vitality for future generations."

In support of this vital initiative, the TEF has committed US$100,000 towards the Marine Health Alliance, marking one of the largest projects undertaken by the Fund. This significant investment supports local and broader efforts to initiate, replicate, and scale up effective and innovative actions aimed at strengthening the national response to coastal and marine resilience and sustainability.

Mr. Winston Anderson, Chairman of the TEF, notes the critical role of this initiative in promoting sustainable development in Saint Lucia. "As our tourism industry grows, it's imperative that we protect our environment from potential impacts such as water pollution, coral reef destruction, and the challenges posed by sargassum. The TEF is dedicated to supporting environmental projects that ensure the well-being of our present and future generations."

This partnership highlights an ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable development, reflecting a collective effort to preserve and enhance Saint Lucia's natural marine resources.

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