Friday, January 22, 2021

    Lush Flora

    The Makoté Mangrove is a 40 ha basin mangrove; it is the largest mangrove in Saint Lucia, representing 20% of the totalmangrove area in Saint Lucia (Portecop and Benito-Espinal 1985).


    Helping Our Future

    Children learn about our environment and how they can protect their future livelihoods.


    Varied Natural Habitat

    The White-breasted Thrasher (Ramphocinclus brachyurus), also known as gòjblan in Kwéyòl is an endangered songbird found on the islands of Saint Lucia and Martinique.


    Endemic to Saint Lucia

    The endemic Saint Lucia Whiptail Lizard (Cnemidophorusvanzoi) is the only Saint Lucian species that carries the colour of our flag; white, yellow black and blue.


    Encouraging Development

    In 2016 about 25 seamoss farmers from the Au Picon- Cacoa region in Vieux Fort North have been certified, at the NVQ level, in Sustainable Seamoss Production.

The Saint Lucia National Conservation Fund (SLUNCF)

Our Mission is to catalyse and support the conservation, restoration, and effective management of Saint Lucia’s biodiversity and natural resources.

Biodiversity in Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia’s valuable marine ecosystems face increasing pressure from a suite of threats.


The SLUNCF supports the conservation and sustainability of Saint Lucia’s ecosystems and species.


The Saint Lucia National Conservation Fund will employ 5 key strategies to achieve its goals.

Who We Are

The Board of Directors direct the business of the SLUNCF and exercise all powers of the SLUNCF.

Protecting Our Livelihoods


Protecting and maintaining biological diversity and natural resources and other activities that contribute substantially to the conservation, protection and maintenance of biodiversity. Read More.

Our Core Values
Throughout its efforts, the SLUNCF will strive to abide by the following core values:

Transparency and Integrity

The SLUNCF is committed to openness, transparency, and honesty in its operations and in issuing grants.

Cooperation and Inclusivity

The SLUNCF will work in partnership with communities and non-governmental organizations.

Conservation and Sustainability

Towards and in support of the conservation and sustainability of our ecosystems.


The SLUNCF is accountable for all actions and decisions internally and to their constituents.


learning both internally and externally and will work to implement best practices

Organisational Effectiveness

working with grantees to build grantee capacity and increase their effectiveness.