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Institution: Department of Sustainable Development

Country: Saint Lucia

Deadline: June 19, 2021

In the Caribbean, the ocean economy has been estimated to represent more than 17 percent of the region’s GDP, and is seen as an opportunity for economic diversification to boost growth and tackle some key regional challenges including high unemployment, poverty, and climate change. Since 2002, the Caribbean has been putting in place institutions and policies at both regional and national levels to harness the productive potential of its ocean resources. Challenges remain in the region however to, inter alia. quantify the resource, establish appropriate arrangements to promote coordination and policy coherence across sectors and government levels, and mobilize the necessary resources to invest in the sector given the limited fiscal space of these countries.

The ocean economy in SIDS, though often undervalued and even poorly defined, is the

determinant of several social and economic benefits to these economies. There is strong

evidence (in available literature) suggesting that the ocean space of SIDS is being depleted

through problems such as inter alia overfishing, unplanned coastal development, pollution

and climate change. These represent a significant risk to the economic benefits generated by the region’s ocean economy, and likely future economic growth prospects. In response to

these and other challenges, the UN Ocean Conference 2017 was convened to bring focused

attention to these issues and to outline ways and means to address them. As such, action is

underway to conserve and effectively manage the ocean ecosystem and resources of the

Wider Caribbean Region, and of the marine space under national jurisdiction.

The Department of Sustainable Development now invites eligible Candidates to apply for the following consulting service: Development and Implementation of an Ocean Governance Training Programme for Saint Lucia by submitting their Curriculum Vitae (CV) to the address below. CVs must meet the minimum qualifications required as per the Terms of Reference, attached. Training will be designed specifically for the National Ocean Governance Committee members, a multi-sectoral Team charged with guiding the Government of Saint Lucia on matters relevant to ocean governance.. Through a combination of online learning and peer to peer exchanges, the training course will contribute to a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities for developing a blue economy for Saint Lucia, as well as to more informed decision-making over existing ocean assets, and as a result, greater economic resilience for the


The contract will not include any considerations for relocation. The selected consultant(s) will

coordinate with the Department of Sustainable Development in Saint Lucia to undertake this

assignment. All payments under the project will be made by the SIDS Unit of the Division for

Sustainable Development Goals, Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA).

Eligible and interested candidates must respond in writing, by submitting their details via email,

no later than June 19, 2021 to:

Mrs. Anita Montoute

Permanent Secretary

Department of Sustainable Development

Ministry of Education, Innovation, Gender Relations and Sustainable Development

Georgiana Court

John Compton Highway




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