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It’s Not Just About Honey

From left to right – Mr. Zial Williams collecting on behalf of Snr. Citizen Mr. Maxim Theodile 1st place in the Chunk Comb Honey category receives the SLUNCF Perenial Cup - from SLUNCF Director Joanne Norville.

The Saint Lucia National Conservation Fund (SLUNCF) is proud to have supported this year’s Hewanorra National Honey Show. The event was held at the IGY Marina, Rodney Bay on 10th December 2022. From all accounts, the event was a success, both in terms of the scores of locals who turned out to partake as well as local producers and processors who collaborated to put on some amazing exhibits. Nonetheless, the highlight of the honey show is the competition encompassing various categories targeting honey producers, local schools and groups, bakers, cottage industry processors, youth, and women. There are even categories for best apiculture-themed Art and Photography.

“One of the most disciplined categories to enter is the Chunk Comb Honey – two match jars.” Matthias stated, “It is only fitting that such a prestigious organization as the SLNCF be patrons of this perennial cup. This[CCH1] year the SLUNCF sponsored the first-place trophy or SLUNCF Cup for the Chunk Comb Honey category. This is the second year in which the SLUNCF has supported Hewanorra National Honey. According to SLUNCF CEO, Mr. Craig Henry, ‘the contribution to this national event is part of a more comprehensive strategic policy of investment in nature-based sustainable livelihoods that includes apiculture and which aims strengthen and diversify the sector in a way that suits our local context’. Apiculture has long been viewed as potentially impactful in terms of its economic and biodiversity-sustaining benefits. The SLUNCF is actively working with a number of partners including the Ministry of Agriculture, GEF SGP UNDP Saint Lucia, and local producers and groups to bring about more substantive and long long-lasting change and opportunity for those who wish to invest in the sector. For more information on the on the Hewanorra National Honey Show, please get in touch with Mr. Richard Mathias at, Tel# 7587170000.


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