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Love Letter to the Environment

On January 31, 2022, the Department of Sustainable Development launched a Poetry and

Letter writing Contest entitled; Love Letter to the Environment', inviting the general public to0, in no more than 200 words, write, type, or recite a love letter to the environment, using a natural resource and environment-related matter as inspiration. Possible themes suggested included Climate Change, Ozone Layer, Pollution, Oceans, Forests, Rivers, and many more.

The top three winners came from the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School. Their

submissions are presented below. The Department commends all entrants and especially

congratulates the winning student and school!


Oh how you've changed

Once a beauty filled with life

Now hanging by the thread for its dear life

Oh how you've changed

Dreaded with fear by the mistakes of mankind

Plastic bottles, chemical waste, pesticides, killing the life

Oh how you've changed

While some try to save, majority destroy taking away the fresh flavor from life once more

Oh how you've changed

Technology upgraded, fuels are now released into the atmosphere,Waste now rush into your home, chasing out the species who once felt guarded

Oh how you've changed

Creatures who thought it was food, now suffocate and die

from garbage that could have been

recycled and disposed the right way

But now there will be a change

While living into the future, we try to save

Conserving and Recycling helps along the way

Picking up the garbage from oceans and beaches

Protecting the area so they can lay

Guarding the endangered,

welcoming them back to their home

Protecting the ecosystem is our main goal

Using more organic substances can save the world

Bringing back the beauty of the environment once more

Reducing our waste, recycling plastic, conserving water, a goal set to score

But now there will be a change


Dear Mother Nature,

It’s me, Miracle. I have a few things to get off my chest.

For hundreds and thousands of years you’ve provided humanity with a place to call home and we’ve truly taken that for granted. We’ve caused some irreversible damage to you. We’ve polluted your waters, air and your land; all because we were too greedy, too ignorant to acknowledge the damage we caused by trying to make life easier.

I want to sincerely apologize for this abuse we have caused you, primarily during the 21st century, my century of birth. The need to advance technology has caused us to make very poor decisions when it comes to preserving your health and beauty.How could we be so careless?!

I feel awful. I have thrown plastic, paper and other recyclables into the trash when I could have reused, reduced and recycled them. I have also rode the bus or a car everywhere I go knowing full and well the damage their exhaust may cause. I hope to be innovative and find new ways to recycle, that way you do not have to deal with the consequences of our foolish mistakes.

I know this letter cannot cure the damage to our planet or change the effects of our pollution. You have every right to punish us with weather changes. We have suffocated you with climate change.

Climate change is really starting to take effect,

So, I’ll try to do better.

I hope you accept my apology.

Yours truly,

Miracle Brown


Worldwide, Mother Nature, The environment

Damn you are so beautiful, from your luscious green forest and pure cooling rivers makes you the best breathtaking attraction I have ever seen. But why would they pollute you in such a filthy way which downgrades your character? Not forgetting that you comfort me with your warm and cool temperatures. Your gentle touch and sweet whispers as the wind blows makes me sleep in bed at night. A feeling I just can't explain in written words. As the sea level rises fast but steady, is the same way my heart beats for you daily.

Oh Mother Nature, a pursuit of perfection created in all your splendor. From your majestic peaks, the curvature of your waters as it meanders down your slopes. The essence of beauty personified. An admirable kaleidoscope. How dare they tarnish your luster, polluting the very air that they breathe which deteriorates your ozone layer. My dearest nature, I promise to keep you safe. I will do my best to safeguard you from harm.

With all my love,

Scott Alcee


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