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Request for Information: Coral Reef Response and Restoration

The Caribbean Biodiversity Fund (CBF), in partnership with the National Conservation Trust Fund of Jamaica (NCTFJ), Saint Lucia National Conservation Fund (SLUNCF), and St. Vincent and the Grenadines Conservation Fund (SVGCF), is requesting information from partners who already have, or wish to develop capacity to undertake activities that will contribute to rapid restoration of the health of coral reef ecosystems in the immediate aftermath of hurricane events. CBF and partners are currently in the scoping phase of the development of a new financial mechanism, which will provide a predictable and timely source of funds for communities and organisations to execute pre-planned rapid response to hurricane-induced reef damage in the region. Therefore, organisations with plans and capabilities to undertake reef response will be considered as potential recipients of funding via this mechanism. Please send your written ideas /concepts by Friday 15 April, in a maximum of 2 pages. Click here more details. Please address any questions to by Monday 11 April.


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