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Our Grants

Youth, Science, and the Environment

A cohort of young SALCC science students and members of the Environmental Club take a photo-op during a field visit to the Marigot Mangrove, Saint Lucia. (Photo credit SALCC).

The Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC) received a grant in 2020 that went toward the college’s Environmental Sciences program. The project coordinator Dr. Marie Louise Felix has been keen to share with us how much the grant has enriched the programme, especially for her young students who have been actively engaged in environmental monitoring over the last two years. These field visits have the added benefit of improving the availability of especially water quality and biophysical data from some of our less monitored but critical ecological sites.

The programme has also led to some collaborations with other agencies which undertake routine biophysical data collection exercises as part of their mandates - that includes WASCO and the Department of Fisheries. Dr. Felix continues to express her sincere appreciation for the support provided. Access to the most modern environmental monitoring equipment enables SALCC to significantly improve the quality of instruction provided at the school and the preparedness of its students for work post-graduation. Funding for this grant was made possible through the Caribbean Biodiversity Fund (CBF) and SLUNCF Partnership Agreement. To learn more about the SALCC Environmental Sciences Programme please contact Dr. Marie Louise Felix at


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