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RBEC/SLUNCF Partnership - Announcement

Republic Bank (EC) Limited and the Saint Lucia National Conservation Fund (SLUNCF) have partnered to launch the Republic Bank Sustainability Fund -Saint Lucia. Republic Bank has pledged a sum of XCD 750,000 (Seven Hundred & Fifty Thousand Eastern Caribbean dollars) to this partnership over a 5-year period under its Power to Make A Difference Programme (PMAD).

The partnership is a 5-year commitment between Republic Bank (EC) Limited and the SLUNCF that focuses on the conservation and sustainability of ecosystems; biodiversity protection and livelihoods in Saint Lucia. For each funding cycle there will be a different focal area starting with improved food security, sustainable livelihoods, biodiversity protection and nature-based solutions in Saint Lucia,for the year 2023. The Fund will support projects that have significant positive impact on the previously mentioned focal areas.

Republic Bank is a forerunner in its commitment to environmental sustainability and conservation. The Bank is actively working to fulfil the 2020 promise made by its parent company Republic Financial Holdings Limited (RFHL) which is aligned with the Paris Agreement, the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). RFHL is the only Caribbean-domiciled financial signatory to the UNEP FI Principles for Responsible Banking and a founding member of the UN-convened Net Zero Banking Alliance.

RFHL has also established an ambitious climate finance goal to aid in mitigating climate change and creating resilient infrastructure throughout the fourteen (14) territories in which it operates. In addition, RFHL has a robust regional Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative titled Power to Make a Difference (PMAD), which was formally launched in The Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) last year.

The SLUNCF is well positioned to oversee the effective administration of this new funding facility, given its proven ability to manage a diverse portfolio of funding arrangements geared at the preservation, restoration, and efficient management of Saint Lucia's natural resources and biodiversity. The SLUNCF’s mandate also goes beyond managing an endowment from the Caribbean Biodiversity Fund (CBF), but extends to exploring avenues to raise additional resources to invest in other priority areas, such as sustainable livelihoods.

Eligibility: Projects to be considered for funding must be aligned with thematic areas for investment determined by a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). But generically the SLUNCF funds activities that have principles related to environmental sustainability; natural resource management; support livelihood development and enhancement, climate change and human capacity building. There is also consideration to alignment with national conservation priorities as well as the SDGs.

Government agencies; registered local NGOs; CBOs; private businesses; local community associations, local universities or colleges; and other appropriate local entities of Saint Lucia are all eligible for funding.

Call for Proposals: Applications for funding will be in response to a public Call for Proposals from the SLUNCF which will include full submission details. A Call for Proposal is carded for July 03, 2023 and will be advertised to the public across Republic Bank and SLUNCF’s websites, respective social media pages as well as radio and television.

For additional information please contact Mr. Craig Henry, CEO of SLUNCF at or (758) 285 0442/ Ms. Primneau Gajadhar at (758) 285 8137.

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